Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : April Episode 5

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle



Fat Burners:

  • Eat these foods to burn body fat and reduce body weight
  • Oats reduces appetite
  • Apples, Chillies, Garlic, Honey, Green Tea, Tomato, and Dark Chocolate: when eaten burns body fat
  • Eggs are Low in Calories & High in Proteins
  • Wheat Grass boosts Metabolism.


Lifestyle Exercise:

  • Walk short distances, for example to the bus station, rail station, office, grocery etc
  • Stand up & walk about every hour of sitting in the office
  • Stand instead of sitting in the train
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift
  • Use shopping as an opportunity to walk
  • Carry your groceries instead of using a cart
  • Walk or cycle instead of using the car

Stress Management

Treatment for Snoring:

  • Lose weight, if you are overweight
  • Quit smoking.
  • Sleep on your side, not on your back.
  • Limit the use of alcohol & medicines.
  • When sleeping, use medical devices that help you to breathe easily.
  • If nothing works, go for Continuous Positive Airway Passage (CPAP) Treatment

Avoid Addictions

Put something else in your mouth:

  • Part of urge to smoke is having something in your mouth.
  • In place of cigarette, pop sugar free chewing gum, hard candy or a healthy snack in your mouth when the urge strikes.
  • Be sure to have something at all times.
  • If concerned about gaining weight, stick with low calorie alternatives like carrot sticks.


Tips to live with Chronic Pain:

  • Learn deep breathing or meditation to help you relax.
  • Reduce stress in life, stress intensifies the pain.
  • Cut back on alcohol, this can worsen sleep problems.
  • Join a support group to meet others living with chronic pain.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Track pain level & activities every day.
  • Get a massage for chronic pain relief.
  • Find ways to distract from pain & enjoy life.

Apr 27, 2020