Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : May Episode 1

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle



Foods that Heal:

  • Oats, by lowering the bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Mushrooms increase immunity & reduce cancer risks.
  • Asparagus improves immunity.
  • Bananas provide Vitamin B6 & potassium is good for the nerves & muscle activity, & also for reducing stress & anxiety. Onions protect against cardiac & cancer & are considered a general health food.


Joint Mobility Exercise:

This will take 5 minutes, each exercise to be done 5 – 10 times.

  • Neck rotation both ways/ side
  • Shoulder rotation both ways
  • Elbow bends
  • Wrist rotation
  • Finger Stretch & clench
  • Waist rotation
  • Bend forward & toe
  • Knee bend squats
  • Ankle rotation
  • Deep breathing

Stress Management

Work Life Balance:

  • Plan your day, with, week, month & annual schedules & targets, once a plan is made execute accordingly.
  • Personal time must be scheduled for family, friends or partner.
  • This will recharge and refresh you. Turn off technology including computers, twitter, email, face book, for a period of time daily (during mealtime).
  • Early to bed gets you up early everyday & you feel good through the day.
  • Schedule a half hour daily for light exercises.

Avoid Addictions

Limit Caffeine:

  • Caffeine helps some people get going in the morning and stay alert when they are tired. But caffeine can make some people feel tense, jittery, and stressed.
  • These effects can be amplified when one is in the process of breaking a Nicotine Addiction.
  • If caffeine negatively affects you, try cutting back.
  • It will help reduce your anxiety & urge for a cigarette.


Lifestyle Management:

  • Lifestyle & Health related behavior is powerful determinant in Morbidity & Mortality.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle is the root of many diseases including Cardiac, Cancer, Joint disability, Renal Dysfunctions, etc.
  • Reduction of smoking, within range BMI, physical activity, alcohol in moderation, manageable stress & optimal sleep are the corner stones of disease alleviation.

May 4, 2020