Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : September Episode 3

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Sweet potatoes:

  • Sweet potatoes have a quarter of a day’s worth of potassium.
  • Potassium helps keep electrolytes balanced—which allows us to stay maximally hydrated.
  • Another benefit: Potassium helps relax the body and lower blood pressure, so it lessens stress in the body that can create fatigue.


Starting Exercise:

  • Start with small attainable goals. If you want to do a marathon, first train for a 5-10K.
  • Mix your program to include running, swimming, gym, yoga & games
  • If you are over 35, get your doctor to approve your exercising.
  • Before exercising, have a small snack; sandwich, fruit, juices etc.
  • Drink water before, during & after exercise.
  • Dress for comfort, especially your socks & shoes.
  • Consult your trainer for day to day exercises.

Stress Management

Remedies for Snoring:

  • Preferably sleep on your side, sleeping on your back causes snoring.
  • Overweight people snore more than normal weight persons.
  • Avoid alcohol prior to sleep.
  • Get to bed an early hour to avoid becoming sleepy and drowsy.
  • Clear a clogged nose, prior to sleep.
  • A dusty room or bed promotes a clogged nose.
  • Drink sufficient water, and have at least 8hours sleep daily.

Avoid Addictions

Hangover Truths:

  • Hydrating between drinks is your best antidote.
  • To reduce the effect of hangovers, take your drink with water or fruit juice.
  • Eat before drinking to prevent hangovers. Popping pills will not reduce a hangover.
  • Black coffee, the next morning will not help your headache, only drinking water will. Confusion, vomiting, seizures & slow breathing are a medical emergency.


Reduce stress:

  • Stress contributes to cardiovascular disease and, if severe, can cause a heart attack or sudden death.
  • There are plenty of options that help reduce stress, such as regular exercise, adequate sleep, striving for a good marriage, laughing, volunteering or attending religious services.
  • Watching TV generally does not relieve, but can aggravate stress. Also, try to avoid situations and people who make you anxious or angry.

Sep 23, 2020