Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : December Episode 4

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Wonders of water :

  • Helps manage weight by increasing metabolism
  • Water improves blood circulation
  • Drinking water improves mental performance
  • Water prevents muscle cramps & lubricates joint mobility
  • Water prevents kidney stones
  • Water nourishes the skin & flushes out toxins
  • Water prevents constipation


Yoga for Health:

Benefits of daily yogasanas include
    Neck rotation
  • Dramatically manages all joint pains including arthritis etc.
  • Reduces the need for diabetic medication by as much as 50%
  • Improves the bodies immunity & reduces your susceptibility to allergies
  • Switches on all the bodies genes that promote health & wellbeing
  • Reduces depression, anxiety & stress
  • Improves the bodies balance & reduces the risk of falling in older adults
  • Reduces medical costs by 43%

Stress Management

Mental health providers:

  • When faced with a mental health problem such as stress, anxiety, depression etc, your family doctor will usually refer you a psychologist.
  • The psychologist’s job initially is, to identity the problem & in case the problem can be solved by a few sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy including, relaxation & meditation the psychologist will do so.
  • In case the problem requires medication the psychologist will refer the patient to a psychiatrist, who is a mental health doctor, who will then treat the patient with drugs & other medical systems that benefit the brain.

Avoid Addictions

Marijuana, pregnancy & lactation:

  • The legal use of marijuana has more than doubled in females & research has concluded, that the THC found in marijuana affects both the mother & child during pregnancy & breast feeding
  • THC passes easily through the placenta &into the blood stream of the developing baby & affects the brain in the fetus .This impacts the child’s skills such as concentration, attention, impulse control & problem solving.
  • THC also passes into breast milk & enters into the child’s blood stream, exposing the child to substance abuse addiction & mental illness.


HBP and Exercise:

  • Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping your HBP in control.
  • 30 minutes a day of fun activities including dancing, hiking, gardening and other lifestyle activities are good. Or else 30 minutes of swimming, walking, cycling, gym exercises or yoga will also do.
  • Never exercise to exhaustion.
  • Consult your doctor before starting

Dec 31, 2020